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  • help! I need to hire someone to take care of my child (preschool + special needs) Last updated by Martinajackbrennan04@hotmail.com: 15-May-2017 View last comments

    I’m looking for a nanny that has experience as a special needs classroom assistant. My kid is in preschool and I need someone to be with him every afternoon until I get home. DO you know where can I find someone with experience and what should I keep in mind when hiring someone?

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    • Hello! To be honest I don’t know if you need someone with experience but for example, for my kid I asked a friend of my nephew who is studying to be a teacher. I guess sometimes you just need someone to rely on and someone who you can really trust. Something I believe is important the person should be is: a good communicator with the kid and with you. And also be capable of taking care of one than more child at a time, at this early age is important for them to socialize with other kids. Let me know if you have any other questions.

      08-Mar-2017 Reply to Marienne
    • Hi I am am SNA and work eiteh children with autism I have years of experience working in this area. Where do u live I might be able to help you
      Regards Anne

      31-Mar-2017 Reply to Anne
      • Hi Anne, so I wrote this on February and things have changed now .. I’m moving to Australia because of my husband’s work… so right now my life it’s a little messy … could you give some tips or advice about what do I need to look when hiring my next nanny? I knew that posting here was a good idea since there are a bunch of professionals helping people. So I’d really appreciate it if you could give me some tips or some kind of advice to apply once I’m in Australia.

        31-Mar-2017 Reply to Alex
    • Hi I have seven years experience working with children from babies too afterschool age.I. I have been in college the last year studying Special Needs and Classroom Assistant.I have work with children with autism and different Special Needs.Where do u live I might be able to help you

      18-Apr-2017 Reply to Olivia Merriman
    • Hi I'm looking to work for an SNA

      15-May-2017 Reply to Martinajackbrennan04@hotmail.com
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