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  • how much? Last updated by DUde5: 29-Aug-2017

    Hello, I’m looking for a social care worker. I have no experience, how much should I expect them to pay me?

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    • Hello ! So it goes between 24k to 60k. But it doesn’t only depends on your experience, it also depends on the shift you are going to do , the company you are going to work for and which tasks you’ll actually do.

      29-Aug-2017 Reply to rOB
    • Hi I’m a social worker on Ireland and I’m earning 12€ per hour

      29-Aug-2017 Reply to Lue
    • I have a friend who is earning 17€ per hour

      29-Aug-2017 Reply to DUde5
    • No way a social care worker is earning that much, during this last year the money is crap as a social care worker. I do a tone of sleepovers, no overtime, split shifts… and I get about 10€ an hour and sometimes I can’t even sleep. SO I think is really hard to earn 17€ per hour. It’s not impossible but don’t expect that with any experience.

      29-Aug-2017 Reply to LouiseTheCareWorker
      • I don’t know I just read that and asked my friend what he’s earning… although I have to say he is very experienced and works for a really nice company. It’s true that he does a bunch of sleepovers and such but.. you chose that If you don’t like it you can leave you job whenever you want

        29-Aug-2017 Reply to DUde5
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  • My dream job Last updated by ameeta ramhota: 22-Dec-2015

    If you could choose a dream job whether it be in your current field or something else what would it be?

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    • My ideal job is either working in deprived area and help the community at large .
      counselling couple and individual

      22-Dec-2015 Reply to ameeta ramhota
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