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  • Signing a security contract for a non security role 25-Feb-2019

    Its my third week into my new job.
    Last week I received my contract where the role states I am a Security Officer but the role I'm actually doing is Front Of House/Receptionist.
    I'm contracted by a security company and have security experience and a license but the manager is insisting that this is a security role even though a security license is not needed for this position (Current Front of house does not have a security license).
    The security officers in the building have uniforms and radios and complete security duties such as patrols, responding to alarms etc..
    I do not have to do any of these duties and do not have to wear the security uniform so that's why I'm questioning whether or not this contract is sounds appropriate.
    If I do sign the security officer contract, would there be any difference between a security contract and front of house contract ?
    For the last two weeks I have been on the security wage and today I got an email stating that my rate will increase as im doing the front of house role.

    Does this sound legit ? Does anything raise concerns ?
    I have been taken advantage of in the past with contracts and I want to make sure this sounds 100% before I sign anything as it could bite me in the behind in the future.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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  • Rude security Last updated by Claire: 02-Mar-2017

    Am I the only one who is tired of door security guards who don’t even talk to you? In my opinion they should always say hello and goodbye or welcome or something like that. But lately I find that all the ones I’ve encountered lately are a bit rude

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    • Hello , well It depends of what type of body guards are they or where do they work. If they work in mainstream clothe shops it’s normal that they don’t talk to you, even designer clothing. They shouldn’t be forced to say anything except for when their contract has specific requirements.

      02-Mar-2017 Reply to Claire
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