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Science and Research deal with the investigation of correlations and development of new products.

General overview

There are numerous job opportunities for people with a background in Science and Research that may find employment in academia, businesses or research institutions. Each academic field, for example, requires well-trained staff for teaching positions and research projects. Many business sectors need scientifically-trained staff to deal with in-depth research matters in order to develop pharmaceuticals, best practices for water treatment or new ways of producing cheaper raw materials for specific products. Furthermore, Research and Development is not just an important pillar of businesses but also a focal point of governmental spending. Employment opportunities may also be found in public institutions such as hospitals, medical laboratories or research centres.

This category covers very different sectors, from pharmaceuticals, automotive, oil and gas, food and beverages, water treatment and environmental research to healthcare and social issues. Scientists usually identify, test, report and evaluate research findings and work on specific projects. What sounds like a lonesome job among other experts in fact is a highly interdisciplinary job demanding interpersonal and managerial skills.

Working in science requires exceptional staying power. Experiments do not always follow your time schedule and they sometimes fail even though everything has been done right. Co-workers from other departments might not always comprehend the holistic meaning of a problem, which is why it is helpful to have excellent communication skills. Impatient people might lose their patience easily – or just have to strengthen their frustration tolerance. In order to endure long hours in the lab, one needs to love the subject matter of the particular research area. Job prospects vary depending on the field of work and experience. Some areas of Science and Research are chronically under-financed, others really do pay senior salaries for senior positions.

Requirements and skills

People looking for employment in this area, should usually possess the following qualifications and skills:

  • Logical and analytical thinking
  • Problem solving abilities
  • Being able to work in teams and communicate complex concepts clearly to others
  • Patience
  • Able to work under pressure
  • Willing to constantly update oneself regarding the latest research findings

Working in Science, Research and Development requires a degree, usually even a postgraduate qualifications and a PhD. In some areas specialisation in a particular field is required, other require people to combine their scientific background with managerial skills.

Professional path

Within Science and Research one can find employment in different areas, such as:

  • Academic Research: a postgraduate degree and PhD may be followed by Postdoctoral research and a career in academia. There are employment opportunities in every academic field and at different levels that have specific requirements.
  • Research & Development (R&D): is an important pillar of organisations and businesses, focusing on the development of new products, ingredients or raw materials. Applied research methodologies are used to develop technologies that can be commercialised.

Job titles include but are not limited to the following:

  • Biomedical Support Worker
  • Life Science Engineer
  • Assistant Professor
  • Senior Research and Development Engineer
  • R&D Associate
  • Professor in Biomedical Science
  • Environmental Scientist

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