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Management implies the execution and coordination of activities within businesses in order to achieve defined business objectives.

General overview

Businesses and organisations of all types have a need for individuals to execute and oversee daily operations. This category therefore encompasses all jobs related to the various managerial areas of a company, from internships to senior positions. There are dozens of different types of management positions in all different kinds of industries. Common job titles include: sales managers, junior project managers, IT managers, accounting managers, assistant managers, finance managers, marketing managers, senior retail managers and many more. Each position will have a unique set of duties and daily tasks. Many positions offer an increasing level of responsibility with time.

Every business needs managers and on JobisJob one can find various management positions of all levels within a large number of different companies. The job title manager is quite unspecific, however, in any case encompasses the necessity to plan, organise and control resources and projects. Managers usually carry out specific tasks at specific departments. Some examples of areas where managers work are marketing, human resources, sales, finance, logistics, purchasing and planning, among many others. For some professional areas, JobisJob lists additional categories, such as “Marketing - Media” or “Human Resources”.

Jobs within the category Management are concerned with the internal and external issues related to the organisation and strategic planning of businesses or organisations. Job prospects are varied and there are great career and promotion opportunities. The employment outlook for managers is generally promising, due to the demand and wide range of possibilities. Many jobs, however, need specialized skills and knowledge and require certain skills and an academic or vocational background. Interns, assistants or junior staff members often support other employees and carry out specific parts of projects. Senior managers on the other hand are required to lead a department or organisation by directing its members, solving problems, meeting deadlines and targets, taking decisions, planning and overseeing projects.

Requirements and skills

Employees in managerial positions need to work structurally and strategically, have clear visions and facilitate heterogeneous teams. Other important skills encompass:

  • Analytical thinking
  • Being able to work under pressure
  • To be able to work alone and within teams
  • Good interpersonal skills
  • To be able to supervise others
  • Project management skills
  • Writing and numerous skills

Many positions will require vocational training or a Bachelor degree.

Professional path

Within Management one can find employment in different areas, such as:

  • Human Resource Management: dealing with the acquisition and management of staff.
  • Business Planning: is focusing on the general strategy and business goals of a company.
  • Finance and Accounting: managing the financial operations of a business or organisation, including the collection and reporting of financial transactions, profitability, salaries and other.
  • Project Management: dealing with the procedures and protocols of specific projects, ensuring that goals are achieved within a certain time frame.
  • Business Development: is concerned with locating new market opportunities.
  • Marketing and Sales seeks to discover new lines of promotion and analyses consumer behaviour and existing relationships with customers.
  • Logistics and Distribution: ensuring that products and goods are delivered successfully and on time.
  • Production, Research and Development: referring to the manufacturing and development of products and good.

Job titles include but are not limited to the following:

  • Development Manager
  • Intern Business Management
  • General Manager
  • Senior Marketing Manager
  • Asset Management
  • New Business Manager
  • Junior Project Manager

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