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The Legal sector regulates and defends law to ensure the security and fairness of a society.

General overview

The Legal sector focuses on regulating and protecting individuals, organisations and governments under the legal system. The legal sector holds many duties and job descriptions varying greatly on the position within the sector. Legal sector careers hold both jobs in the courtroom as well as outside the courtroom.

Barristers and judges work with clients, organisations and companies inside the courtroom. While Solicitors offer advice to clients outside of the courtroom.

There are different scales of the legal sector; the small scale, dealing mostly with individuals, for example personal injury and criminal law, and the large scale, dealing with organisations, governments and corporations.

Requirements and skills

The common skills required to work within the Legal sector are:

  • Must possess a Law Degree from an approved university
  • Must have completed all necessary training and all required exams
  • Having a vast understanding of law and policy
  • Having interpersonal skills to communicate with clients and understand their needs
  • Communicating clearly and efficiently both orally and written
  • Having logical reasoning skills
  • Having the ability to think quickly and solve problems
  • Having a vast understanding of law and policy
  • Being able to work within a team
  • Being able to time manage
  • Having the ability to persuade in conversation
  • Being detailed oriented and organized

Professional path

The Legal sector offers many professional outlooks within different branches such as these:

  • Barrister: provides legal advice to the client, individual, corporation or an organisation and represent clients in court. Barristers usually specialise in a single area of law, for example, criminal, commercial or personal injury law.
  • Solicitor: provides legal advice to clients understanding their specific situation and advising them on a course of legal action. Their clients can be individuals, organisations or corporations.
  • Judge: makes sure trails in his or her courtroom are held fairly under the law. Judges also interpret laws and access each case with the evidence presented by the barrister.
  • Licensed Conveyancer: specialises in buying and selling property for his or her clients and deals with all aspects of property law.
  • Law Clerk: assists barristers and judges in the preparation and research of legal documents prominent to each case. They may also have the responsibility of meeting with clients.

Job titles include but are not limited to the following:

  • Administrative Assistant
  • Clerk
  • Counsellor
  • File Clerk
  • Legal Analyst
  • Magistrate
  • Junior Finance Lawyer
  • Private Solicitor
  • Reportage Case Worker
  • Conveyancing Paralegal
  • Low Cost Budgeter

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