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  • help!! I'm terrible at interviews Last updated by Joane: 23-Mar-2017

    Hello .. I recently got an interview for a healthcare assistant position and it didn’t go very well. Can you please help me out and give me a couple of tips about question I may be asked in a future interview?

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    • Just been offered job clannad care no wage offered enquiries was told 10euro to start depending on experience I've a lot of experience hospital clinics over 20years anyone know the maximum you can get thanks

      20-Feb-2017 Reply to Colette
      • Hello, I think It'd be about 20,000 per year .. but maybe if it depends on experience they will raise the offer. Usually when they hire you and they see you are proficient and that your experience is useful they can raise your salary.

        02-Mar-2017 Reply to Ross
    • Hello , I am actually a healthcare assistant and I’ve been through tons of interviews. The hardest question anyone ever asked me are something like: “can you provide an example of how you’ve contributed to effective team working?” or “ How do you cope with stressful situations?” But to be honest the best way to be prepared to do interviews is doing more, apply to jobs in your field even if you don’t want the job, it’ll help you if you go to interviews and practice so when ever the perfect jobs pops up you’ll be ready. Good luck!

      23-Mar-2017 Reply to Joane
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