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Engineers work in a wide variety of fields analysing, developing and creating complex systems to improve our quality of life.

General overview

Engineering is a vast field encompassing a broad range of specialities. In general, engineers work to improve and maintain current systems, whether it is in medicine, science, construction or flight while also striving to create and develop new systems to keep up with technology and society. Some engineers invent new products and technology while others maintain and fix current products.

Engineers work on both large and small scales. A Nuclear Engineer, for example, works on an extremely small scale, breaking down and fusing atomic and sub-atomic particles, where a Civil Engineer works on a larger scale, within society improving sewer systems, creating water treatment facilities, bridges and highways.

Requirements and skills

Many different skills are required for each of the engineering fields but there are common attributions all engineers should have:

  • Creativity to develop new systems
  • Being able to notice and troubleshoot a problem or malfunction
  • Having strong problem solving skills
  • Having a profound understanding of mathematics and sciences
  • Being able to communicate clearly both orally and written
  • Keeping up to date with technology and societal advances

All those wanting to enter the engineering field need to complete a 4-year Bachelor’s degree in Engineering, Physical Science or Mathematics. Most Engineers work in a specialised field which will require a Masters or Doctorate degree.

Professional path

The Engineering sector offers an incredible range of professional outlooks in different branches:

  • Aerospace Engineer: designs and oversees creation of aircrafts such as airplanes, space shuttles and missiles.
  • Biomedical Engineer: creates technologies to aid in curing health problems by using their knowledge of medicine, science and engineering. These engineers could be responsible for making artificial limbs for patients.
  • Chemical Engineer: needs to have a strong understanding of mathematics and science. Chemical Engineers monitor machines and make sure they function correctly. They are also responsible for new product design as technology changes.
  • Civil Engineer: designs the infrastructure of society; working on sewage systems, water treatment facilities, roads, highways, bridges and construction.
  • Computer Engineer: knows the ins and outs of computer hardware; he or she will be responsible for designing, coding and testing software. It is imperative to have a strong knowledge of software scripts as well as network security systems and program languages.
  • Environmental Engineer: works to evaluate and reduce pollution. They also research and develop ways to help prevent natural disasters. Environmental Engineers collaborate with companies to ensure that the companies’ effect on the Earth is minimal and that companies follow and abide by environmental protection laws.
  • Mechanical Engineer: responsible for the design, processing and production of new products. They must be aware of customer needs as well as equipment policy procedures and public safety.

Job titles may include but are not limited to the following:

  • Software Engineer
  • Junior Engineer
  • Engineering Technician
  • Product Design
  • Engineering Secretary
  • Technical Support Engineer
  • Automotive Engineer
  • Construction Engineer
  • Proposal Engineer Coordinator
  • Electrical Engineer

The list goes on and on!

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