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  • I'm visiting Dundalk! Ideas please!! :) Last updated by Quigley: 16-Feb-2017

    Has anyone ever been to Dundalk? I’ve actually never been and I’d like to visit sometime soon, the thing is that I don’t know what to do there, which are the best things to do or visit?

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    • Hello, good to know because I live there and I can help you with this. So in order to help you choose I’d like to know how much time are you going to spend there and what your interests are, but the things that people use to enjoy the most are: visiting the Dundalk Stadium (obviously if you are not interested in football or sports you can pass on this one) , the Stephenstown Pond Nature Park is also something people usually enjoy it’s beautiful and you can got here with kids and prepare a nice picnic near the pond… I could be here recommending places for hours!!

      16-Feb-2017 Reply to Eoghan
      • Yes I agree , and also If you like churches there are really nice ones like St Joseph’s Redemptorist Church and Monastery.,

        16-Feb-2017 Reply to Quigley
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